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Preventing Your Abortion Today!

Preventing Your Abortion Today!

Praise God that “all things work together for good to those that are called according to his purpose.” My name is Pastor Barb McGuckin the CEO & Founding Sr. Pastor of “The Jabez Foundation Ministries” of Apple Valley, California. Recently I had the privilege of meeting the Founding Pastor of “His Nesting Place.” What an honor to sit down and fellowship with Dr. Al Howard and Dr. Judy Howard.

Not knowing how much we had in common or what was about to occur, I share my testimony. In 1995 after moving from New York to California, I landed in Newport Beach excepting employment by Family Planning Associates Medical Group. At that point in my life it was the only job that offered employment opportunity so I accepted the job as a Medical Assistant. My responsibilities were to simply take vital signs that consisted of taking blood pressures, pulses, & respirations. I was one of the first station that many stopped at before entering the rest of the clinic. At this point in my life I was what the Bible calls a luke warm Christian. I didn’t really take the time to think what actually was being facilitated after my job was done. When I take the time to think about it now, it was a form of denial for the sake of a salary.  I minded my own business following my job description ignoring what was actually occurring within the clinic walls.  Now the Lord Jesus Christ was going to have his way in this matter but I just didn’t know it yet. For approximately a period of nine months I found myself being promoted into different departments of Family Planning Associates Medical Group. I did not understand what was happening but God was moving me closer to my Victory and Deliverance! I moved to the next promoting station which was the recovery room. There my job was to remove the patient from the surgery room keeping a record of vital signs as I observed excretion of blood flow from the women’s body as she was in pain from the abortion. I was under supervision of a nurse on staff. I again just follow my job description. To the world my promotions within the company was looked at as a success, but according to the Word of God I was a demotion. I soon was about to really face what this job was really all about! Abortion put nicely~  MURDER! As the promotions keep occurring I simply went with the flow. I did not know who I was in Christ! I now worked in the Surgery observing the Anesthesiologist inserting IV’s so the patients could lightly be put to sleep for Surgery. In my surgery room we did anywhere from 50 to 70 abortions per day. Now mind you we had two operating rooms in the clinic. I then learned all the instruments and procedure step by step a stood by the operating table as many Drs did surgery which included Dr. Edward C. Allred, M.D. which is the Founder of   F.P.A.M.G.  With this job description I comforted the patient through social, emotional support as tears would surface because they really didn’t want the abortions. Some of the patients would share their lives and it basically looked like this. They had no hope because they presently had unconditional love from their husbands or boyfriends. There was no home to go to unless they aborted their baby! As an employee of the company I worked two clinics and on Saturdays and I happened to notice pro-life participants that stood outside the clinic faithfully doing what they believed. I never paid attention but just did my job. At this point in my life things were complicated and I had a mindset of simply keeping my job. Life was complicated because of being a rape victim but Victory was on its way! My heart was heavy because I believed that I was pregnant by my rapist! Things were going through my mind as I was emotional. Victory day was now approaching as I did my job working with a Dr. Weiss. Little did I know what was approaching! I worked the surgery room as usual but one thing was different. Dr. Weiss explained that we needed to examine the specimen. Imaging, a specimen! Not a baby! Ok, so now Dr. Weiss holds a baby in his hands that is approximately one and a half inches tall that has no breath. I could see the little fingers and placement of the baby’s eyes. Before I realize what I said, I knew I had Dr. Weiss’s attention. I had respectfully given my two weeks verbal resignations notice and never returned to work for an abortion or to work. Thank God I was not pregnant with my rapist’s baby and the Victory was all because of the one true God Jesus Christ! To God be the Glory!

Remember one thing, God will have the Glory whether you like it or not! It’s better to go with the flow of God then fight against your Victory. I thank God I have the opportunity to be a Blessings to “His Nesting Place.

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